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Visa-Information Service

For questions regarding the status of your visa application or further visa information please contact the online information and appointment service at the U.S. Consulate website

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US Konsular Courier Service

Welcome to our Visa Return Service

Do you intend to apply for a visa at the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt am Main that will entitle you to travel to the United States? If so, to ensure a safe, fast, and inexpensive delivery of your documents after the U.S. Consulate has issued your visa, you are required to complete the following forms:

Please note that the Visa Return Service is offered exclusively by Speed Courier Service GmbH.
You must present the completed shipment paper at your visa interview.

Please select the button below to apply for the Visa Return Service:

apply for the Visa Return Service

You are required to fill in your address, telephone number and email-address. Once the shipment has been sent off, the shipment fee will be debited from your bank account - therefore you are also required to sign a direct debit authorization. A safe transfer of your bank account information is guaranteed by the use of SSL Encryption.

Visa Information Service If you have any questions regarding the status of your visa application, please contact the Visa-Information Service of the U.S. Consulate directly. We are not authorized to provide you with this specific information.

The delivery status of your shipment can be viewed online by entering both the shipment number imprinted on your shipment form and the zip code of the delivery address you provided. The first status information will be automatically generated shortly after the visa documents have been transferred to us by the Consulate. Unfortunately we cannot provide any shipment information by phone.

Visa Return Service - Check Shipment Status

You can view and print out the invoice for the shipment one day after it has been sent off. To do so, please use this button:

Visa Return Service - Print  Shipment Invoice

The Visa Return Service:

  1. Complete the shipment form and the direct debit authorization
  2. Print out the shipment form
  3. Present the shipment form along with other required documents at your scheduled visa appointment at the U.S. Consulate
  4. For questions regarding the status of your visa application please contact the U.S. Consulate directly - Visa-Information Service
  5. The shipment status can be viewed here shortly after the visa documents have been sent off.
  6. The shipment invoice can be viewed and printed out here one day after the shipment has been sent off.

If you require a visa for other destinations, we would be glad to be of assistance.